Who is Eligible Ehsaas Sasta Petrol & Diesel Scheme

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) recently announced a new program under Ehsaas Program to provide petrol and diesel to registered families and individuals. There has already been a lot of buzz around the Ehsaas Sasta Petrol & Diesel Scheme 2023, especially among those who are struggling to cope with the rising fuel prices. The purpose of this article is to provide you with all the information you need about this scheme, including its eligibility criteria, application process, and economic impact.

NEW Announcement Regarding Petrol Discount (updated on 21-10-2023)

Prime Minister Khan announced the PKR. Each biker will receive a discount of 50 rupees. The federal government and the finance department are working on it. You will hear some good news soon.  With this 50 petrol discount, you will be able to get it at the designated Petrol Pumps if you have registered for the 786 petrol bachat scheme.

Register online for the 786 Program in 2023

The Ehsaas 2000 program is for you if you believe you deserve and need this stipend to support your family. The process for applying for 2000 will be discussed here. CNIC numbers must be sent to a 786 code number given by the government. The department will authenticate your CNIC number when you send the 786

SATAPA 786 Web Portal

Petrol rates have been based on international crude oil rates since April 2022, when the rate was increased to 250 rupees per liter due to economic and political factors. Under the Benazir income support program, also known as 786, the new PML-N government announced RS 2000 each month to assist in buying petroleum. There is a new EHSAS 786 web portal already available, but you must first check your survey and eligibility by 8171. 

Check who qualifies for the Ehsaas Sasta Petrol/Diesel Scheme

BISP Sasta Petrol and Diesel Scheme 2023 eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Benazir Income Support Program beneficiaries must apply.
  • Applicants should have a monthly income of less than Rs. 25,000.
  • A valid CNIC is required for the applicant.
  • Bank accounts must be valid for the applicant.

How to Apply for the Sasta Petrol- Diesel Scheme 2023?

The Ehsaas Sasta Petrol & Diesel Scheme 2023 has a simple and straightforward application process. Beneficiaries eligible for the scheme can apply by following these steps:

  1. BISP application forms can be obtained at BISP offices or by calling the helpline.
  2. Provide accurate and up-to-date information on the form.
  3. Please attach the necessary documents, including your CNIC and bank account information.
  4. The completed application form should be submitted to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office or dropped off in the nearest drop box.
  5. Your application will be processed and approved by the BISP, and instructions will be sent to you.

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