You Can Get BISP Payment Without Biometric Verification

New Update 2023 will allow BISP payments without biometric verification. Benazir Income Support Program payments have started for June. Women who were receiving Benazir Income Support Program payments earlier will receive their payments on Monday, Sept 19.

They should not worry if for some reason their fingerprints cannot be verified and they cannot receive the money.

The following is the complete procedure for getting Benazir Income Support Program money without a thumbprint. The Benazir Income Support Program can be accessed easily if you follow these steps.

The New BISP Payment Method

In case you are also experiencing difficulty receiving Benazir Income Program money, such as your fingerprints have been erased for some reason and the biometric machine cannot verify you. To help you guys understand the full process and receive your grant money, I’ve attached a video below.

BISP Payments Without Biometrics

You can receive your donation at your nearest cash center. Once your verification is complete, you will receive your money.

Try another center if the biometric machine there does not verify your identity.

For verification, you can try eight times.

  • Alternatively, if your fingerprints are not verified there, you can go to the NADRA office to get them re-validated.
  • You can visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office if it doesn’t work there as well.
  • Once you have visited the office, submit your application.
  • As soon as the application is submitted, the BISP representative will supervise the completion of the payment form without fingerprinting.
  • Your documents will be verified after that and you will receive a message from 8171
  • To receive your money, visit your nearest Habib Bank branch for verification after receiving the message

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